How we think about mental health impacts our well-being. In these pages I offer my perspective - an African-centered, black-centered view of us and of what makes us well. an alternative path to healing both the personal and the collective.

Honoring Our Foremothers

Honoring Our Foremothers

When I was 17 and going through the darkest night of the soul, the book “I Tituba, Black Witch of Salem” by Maryse Condé fell into my hands. ...more

Identity ,Personal Growth &Feminine energy

April 10, 20246 min read

Cultivating Courage

Cultivating Courage

Courage can be cultivated, it's not necessarily something you're born with. Read for tips on how to grow in courage, one small courageous act at a time. ...more

Personal Growth

November 08, 20182 min read

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